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Homeowners throughout Minnesota are coming out of the summer months and preparing to enjoy the cooler autumn breeze right around the corner. However, every long-term Minnesotan knows that the harsh winter conditions aren’t far behind. With the cold season on the horizon, some may start thinking about whether their heating system can withstand the coming temperature drops. The natural question becomes — is it too early for a heating inspection? 

Whether you want to take an abundance of caution or you have used our heating repair services in Olivia, MN, in the past, Northern Services is here to help answer your heating questions!

How Often Should I Get My HVAC System Inspected?

In a perfect world, people would get their entire HVAC system serviced whenever the seasons changed to ensure everything runs smoothly. However, focusing on two major seasons can help significantly improve your unit’s overall performance and identify problems before they worsen. For any AC repairs and inspections, target the spring. As for your heater, getting it checked out in the fall before you need it the most can give you the best performance. If you aren’t able to get your heater or AC checked during the pre-season, it’s never too late to have your system inspected.

In Minnesota, the temperatures can quickly fluctuate, forcing your heating and cooling systems into action when you least expect them. Getting professional HVAC services to examine your unit and provide essential heating maintenance can make a significant difference. 

What Goes Into a Heating Inspection?

Now that you know your heating and air conditioning system should get serviced at least bi-annually, you’ll want to know what our service technicians look for when they perform an inspection. The checklist can change based on whether it’s a boiler or furnace inspection, but the end goal remains the same. 

Whatever heating device you have installed in your home has intricate components where if there’s even a small thing out of place, it could throw the entire system out of balance. We recommend getting your system serviced early to avoid getting caught out in the cold. Still, we know most customers want to better understand what goes into a maintenance appointment. Our inspection services include the following steps:

Schedule Your Heater Inspection With Northern Services!

Our technicians have been expertly trained to identify potential problems with your heating system before they worsen. We take the time to inspect every aspect of your heater to ensure your home is ready for the cold Minnesota winter. So, when you ask, “is it too early to get my heating system inspected?” the answer is a resounding no! Our team can help identify potential problem areas and make the necessary repairs or heating replacements before the winter. 

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